Evena's smart glasses offer nurses a through-the-skin view of patients' veins (video)

Evena's smart glasses let nurses see veins under patients' skin

It's not always easy for nurses to find the right vein for an intravenous drip -- the target vessels are sometimes hidden below the skin. Evena Medical's new Eyes-On smart glasses may make those injections a little easier. The Moverio-based eyewear overlays a 3D blood vessel map on the patient, helping the nurse insert even a tricky IV line on the first try. It can also tap into a hospital's medical records and share imagery with doctors in remote locations. There's no word on just which hospitals will use Eyes-On when it ships in the first quarter of 2014, but don't be surprised if it makes your hospital stay a little more bearable in the near future. Check out a video promo for the glasses after the break.