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Pure delves deeper into multi-room audio with higher-end Jongo and Evoke systems

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas

Pure first set foot into the multi-room audio space at last year's CES with its frugal Jongo line; in 2014, it's targeting slightly more affluent listeners who would otherwise go for Sonos gear. Its $299 Jongo T4 speaker (above) is reaching the US for the first time, and carries enough oomph at 50W to fill a living room. The $229 Evoke F4 (below), meanwhile, is the company's first internet-savvy radio with Jongo support built-in. There's also a pair of big software upgrades on the way, including SiriusXM streaming (for subscribers) and a developer kit for third-party app support. Both the T4 and F4 reach the US this later this month, while the software should arrive during the first quarter of the year.