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Motorola confirms Moto Maker service coming to Europe in Q2, starting in the UK and Germany (update: Mexico too)


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We've seen and heard plenty from most of the main players here at MWC, but one company has remained eerily quiet until now. Motorola's situation has changed significantly in recent weeks, and that change of plans has taken attention away from hardware releases, and back onto how it plans to reinvent itself post-Google. But, there is news. Rick Osterloh, SVP Product Management has just announced that its popular Moto Maker service will be coming to Europe in Q2. First in the UK and Germany, but more countries to follow. Mark Randall, SVP Supply Chain & Operations also revealed that while its Texas plant will continue to handle the US side, they are exploring options for Europe. This could involve a mix of local sourcing, or order merging with standard orders from China. At the very least, if you weren't happy with the default color options it launched with, there's hope for you yet!

Update: Moto Maker support is also heading to Mexico, also in Q2!

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