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Google+ for Android learns even more photo editing tricks from Snapseed


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Google+ has been taking cues from Snapseed ever since the company snapped up the app, and this refresh for Android is no different. The update introduces tools like crop, rotate and one-touch filters. It also comes with Snapseed-like enhancements, including HDR Scape, which made its debut on the web interface early this month.

While the update brings these familiar features onboard, you'll also come across something entirely new: "non-destructive editing in the cloud," which gives you the power to edit photos on one device and pick up where you left off on another. Finally, you can now see every photo you've saved on the device and in the cloud (arranged by date) on the new All tab. Since people upload more than a billion images a week on Google+, this definitely won't be the last photo editor upgrade you'll see. We just hope whatever the social network comes up with in the future is a lot better -- and a lot less cheesy -- than its Valentine's Day stunt.

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