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Flappy Bird creator 'considering' bringing the game back

Brad Molen

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Admit it, you played Flappy Bird. And for a brief period of time, you may have even liked the incredibly addictive game. After millions of people downloaded the viral hit, however, creator Dong Nguyen decided enough was enough -- it was time to pull the plug, making it unavailable in the iOS and Android app markets. But never say never again: Nguyen revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that there is still at least a sliver of a chance that the extremely simple game will return in a blaze of avian glory. "I'm considering it," said Nguyen when asked if it would ever be offered again, so take that with a grain of salt; we'll believe it when we see it. In the meantime, we bet Android users can still download an APK somewhere, and iPhone fans can always check eBay to see if somebody's selling their phone with the game on it. As for why Nguyen pulled the app, he mentioned that the game's massive success was crushing and weighing him down, and it threatened his simple life: "I'm a master of my own fate," he said, "[an] independent thinker."

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