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Engadget Eurocast 059 - 4.11.14

Jon Turi , @jonturi

Big changes have been brewing for the Eurocast crew in the fortnight they've been away. Engadget UK has officially launched, providing a home base for all things British and eliminating all the rubbish that has no business being telegraphed across the pond. On that note, there's news about Sky's Now TV box and its brilliant ability to morph into a media streamer. Beyond that, however, there's global headlines to address, including details on the Heartbleed security flaw and Twitter's online makeover. Jamie also gets a chance to flaunt his international style and ability to sidestep stereotypes with ease. As to last week's missing podcast, we've managed to pull something together and stitched it to the end of this week's episode as a little treat. We're sorry we weren't there for you on April 1st when you needed us, but that's just the way the cookie biscuit crumbles. So head on down to the streaming links below for a double dose of the Engadget Eurocast, brought to you by lads in Savile Row's bespoke best and football jerseys (we can only assume).

Hosts: Dan Cooper, Matt Brian, Jamie Rigg, Sharif Sakr

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the Podcast:

01:08 - Introducing the Engadget UK Edition
29:14 - How to turn Sky's £10 Now TV box into a networked media player with Plex
01:08 - eBay plans for the future of commerce
29:14 - How to avoid heartburn, err, Heartbleed
01:08 - Internet security key flaw exposes a whole load of private data
29:14 - No work emails after 6PM please, we're French
01:08 - Twitter's new profile design kinda looks like Facebook
29:14 - Three days with TomTom's Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch (2014)

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