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Samsung's Galaxy Tab 4 and Note Pro reach AT&T sporting giant price tags

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas

Want to get one of Samsung's latest and greatest Android tablets with fast LTE data on AT&T? You can snag one very soon... but it might cost you a pretty penny. The carrier will offer both the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 on June 6th at respective prices of $380 and $799 on-contract. While those figures are in the ballpark of what you'd expect for big, cellular-equipped slates, they're not exactly pocket change. And you'll want to be sitting down before you look at the off-contract prices. The 'budget' Tab 4 will cost $480 without obligations, while the Note Pro will set you back $900 -- $50 more than its already expensive Verizon counterpart. If you have the cash to burn, though, these are solid options for staying online during your next big trip.