The Battlefield Hardline beta is dead, long live the new Battlefield Hardline beta. As the first test run on PlayStation 4 and PC came to an end, Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis revealed players can have another go this fall, and this time on "all announced platforms," i.e. PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The news comes shortly after EA CEO Andrew Wilson admitted the haphazard launch of Battlefield 4 was "unacceptable," although he stopped short of saying similar issues will never happen again. With two public betas, there will be pressure on Battlefield Hardline to deliver a smoother ride when it launches on October 21.

For Joystiq's early thoughts on Hardline watch our video preview, in which Ludwig ponders if Visceral can deliver the series its first really solid single-player campaign.
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Battlefield Hardline (6/27/14)

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