Pack your shotgun, sun cream, anti-radiation pills and don't forget the toothbrush, because after a quarter of a century, the sequel to Wasteland is nearly here. inXile boss Brian Fargo confirmed the post-apocalyptic RPG is nailed in to hit PC, Mac and Linux on September 19.

Wasteland 2 was due to arrive this month, but inXile said it delayed the release so it could fulfill reward commitments to backers, who, after all, raised $3 million in funding. After more than 25 years what's another month, hm?
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Wasteland 2 (12/13/13)

If you're itching to roam the deserts, the game remains on Steam Early Access where early birds are rewarded with free copies of the first Wasteland and action-RPG The Bard's Tale, the Wasteland 2 soundtrack, a digital concept art book and two Wasteland digital novellas.
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