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Xbox One gamers could soon try before they buy with a 'Free Play Day' (update)

Zach Honig

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At $60 per year, an Xbox Live Gold subscription isn't cheap, but Microsoft's working to make the all-access package a bit more attractive to gamers. The 'Games with Gold' offering that we first saw with Xbox 360 made its way to One as well, and now it appears that the company's latest console may soon get a second bonus feature. Xbox One beta users noticed a new 'Free Game Day' option this week, which enables 24 hours of access to select titles, giving you a chance to preview games before making a purchase. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood appears to be the first offering, and if an Xbox Support tweet is any indication, a broader rollout may be on the way very soon.

Update: Microsoft tells that the tile was posted "in error" yesterday, and would only say that it's "constantly exploring different ways to offer more benefits to our Xbox Live Gold members." Our interpretation? It's not if, just when this kind of promo starts popping up regularly.

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