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Major content networks launch Streaming Video Alliance without Netflix or YouTube


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Float around the internet long enough, and you'll find a video stream that just doesn't wanna work. Maybe you're lacking some plug-in, or something's up with your browser? Either way, bad times. To help end situations like this, and to ensure the best video streaming experience possible, some of the biggest names in content delivery have formed "The Streaming Video Alliance." While big names like Yahoo, Major League Baseball (a powerhouse of its own) and Fox are onboard, there are two notable omissions: Netflix and YouTube. Like, really big omissions -- as these two account for over half of all internet downloads in the US (according to Sandvine).

By comparison, the third most popular service (Amazon Video, also not part of the alliance) is a huge drop down at just 1.6 percent of peak period downloads. Still, the Streaming Video Alliance (not to be confused with the Internet Streaming Media Alliance) has enough names signed up that its influence on what you watch isn't to be sniffed at. The door is, of course, still open for Netflix and YouTube (or Amazon) to join at any time. The alliance's main goals may center on the bits you'll never see -- content delivery techniques, industry collaborations and business standards -- but they all result in one thing: you watching the game without a glitch.

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