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Slingbox now suggests YouTube videos based on what you're watching


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It's getting to the point where when a gadget can't access YouTube it's more noteworthy than one that can. With that in mind, how the venerable Slingbox 500 and Sling TV interact with Google's video empire is pretty damned neat: the platform now uses YouTube as a contextual overlay for whatever it is you're watching. One of the examples the outfit gives is say you're checking out Jimmy Fallon do his Neil Young impression on The Tonight Show. Using Audible Magic's tech, and in this hypothetical case, Sling will serve up the last clip of the talk-show host doing so. Pretty cool, right? There's also a new "Trending on YouTube" gallery that is exactly what it sounds like. Naturally, there's a standalone app for accessing Mountain View's streaming video catalog as well.

And while we're on the topic, as Zatz Not Funny points out, since Google upgraded to a 64-bit version of its Chrome browser for Mac so streaming DVR content when you aren't at home isn't exactly possible. What with the Sling browser extension being 32-bit and all. Maybe throw a Chromecast in your bag until that gets fixed?

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