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Microsoft will beta test a patch for the still-busted 'Halo' collection


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343 Industries is beta testing its latest patch for the horribly crippled Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Yes, you read that right: Redmond's internal Halo studio is asking a portion of MCC's players to be canaries in the Covenant coal-mine ahead of the latest (hopefully last?) update that'll address the myriad issues still surrounding the game's multiplayer. The test is available to North Americans in the Xbox One Preview Program, and furthermore, if you opt in it'll limit who you're playing with to those also in the beta. The test surrounds changes to the game's matchmaking and party systems according to 343i, with further details coming once the update gets closer to a final release. Sign-ups start this Friday, and only those with the "highest levels of engagement" with the game are going to be selected. Everyone else? You're just going to have to dream of what a revamped "Relic" will look like.

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