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'World of Warcraft' is getting a selfie camera -- don't tell Leeroy Jenkins


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Okay, so at last count World of Warcraft had a Pokémon clone built into it, an in-game web browser of sorts and even a tribute to the late Robin Williams. Now it has another way to distract you as the epic battle between the Horde and Alliance rages on in the background: selfies. Naturally. As our sister site WoW Insider reports, the camera is part of a rare late-game quest in the forthcoming update (6.1 if you're keeping track at home), and there's a follow-up mission that rewards virtual narcissists with a trio of camera filters for the self-aggrandizing new feature. Your toon'll even mug for the camera with duckface or perhaps something a little more charming and less 2009 as you show off that sweet new bit of armor.

WoW Insider also found that Twitter integration's coming as well, but, logging into the microblogging service isn't an option yet so figuring out the particulars of the feature isn't exactly possible right now. Does Twitter play nicely with selfies in meat-space? Unfortunately yes, so it stands to reason that we'll likely see this sort of thing come to the Azeroth's sharing option as well. Here's to hoping "First, let me take a selfie" isn't the new "LEEROY JENKINS" when it comes time to raid in the future.

[Image credit: 4Gamers/WoW Insider]

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