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Nexus 6 price plummets to £304 in the UK (update: now £400)


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A couple of weeks ago, Motorola slashed the prices of its top handsets in the UK as part of another of its temporary sales. If the opportunity to pick up a heavily discounted Moto X or Nexus 6 passed you by, we've got a couple of reasons you needn't feel too dejected. Firstly, there's rumblings of new hardware on the horizon, so that Moto X you could've snagged on the cheap mightn't be as fresh as you'd like in the near future. If the Nexus 6 is more your bag, however, then we've got even better news. The official price of the Motorola-made handset has just hit an all-time low in the Google Store: the 32GB model is now only £304, and the 64GB version an equally reasonable £379.

That's a serious saving over the £479 and £549 asking prices, respectively, on Motorola's site; in fact, it's even significantly cheaper than the £399 / £469 price tags Motorola was able to boast during its recent two-week sale (might be time to look into a refund?). Since there's been no official communication of the Google Store price cut, we've reached out to the big G asking whether this is a temporary deal or a permanent fixture. Still, the fact remains you can grab a Nexus 6 from £304 right now, so it might be worth raiding your piggy bank if you're interested. You know, just in case stock levels take a turn for the worse.

Update: We still haven't heard back from Google, but as a few commenters have pointed out this morning, the Nexus 6 is no longer available for £304. The Google Store is now showing the 32GB model as £400 and the 64GB configuration as £479. We can only assume it was a pricing error, but hopefully some of you managed to jump on the deal before it was too late. And remember, those prices are still appreciably cheaper than Motorola's.

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