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Samsung's S Health app now supports all Android phones

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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With an endless stream of fitness wearables hitting the market, it's easy to forget that your smartphone comes packed with sensors that can do exactly the same job. Samsung makes smartphones and smartwatches, so building a dedicated wellbeing app, known as S Health, to collate everything made complete sense. While the app hit the Play Store back in April, the company only made it available to select Galaxy handsets. Luckily, that changes today, meaning anyone with an Android device to see what it's all about.

S Health primarily serves as an activity tracker that will monitor your steps, offer tips to reach goals and help set programs to get you off the couch and pounding the streets. It supports heart-rate monitors and blood oxygen measurement too, but you will need a phone capable of recording them. Much like Apple's Health app, it supports partner apps, allowing you to connect a third-party wearable and siphon all of its data into the S Health dashboard -- useful if you're wanting to pair the Gear S2 with your non-Samsung branded phone.

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