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Xbox One update increases party chat to 12 of your friends


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Who says big companies never listen? Based on user feedback, Microsoft has increased the number of people in a local Xbox One party chat from the current eight. "Garnering over 2,200 votes on Xbox Feedback, we are expanding party chat to include 12 people," said Microsoft's Major Nelson (Larry Hryb). The new feature has rolled out to all Xbox One and Windows 10 Xbox app users, though it's not something visible, as Hryb said it's "all server side." The extra comms will be especially handy during Xbox One FIFA parties when 11 separate players are on the pitch per team.

Though the new feature is available to all, it happened to roll out at the same time as the latest Xbox One preview update. Members will get even more party chat options, namely, the ability to text chat as well as voice chat. Other new features included a streamlined Game DVR experience, new animated avatars (another feature that came from user feedback) and updated quick access menu and new guide settings. The preview update will roll out later today.

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