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Psychedelic love arrives on PS4 in time for Valentine's Day

The acclaimed 'Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime' has a few new additions for the trip, too.

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Let's say you were gazing longingly at your PC and Xbox One owning friends when Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime released on those platforms last year. Despite all the killer couch co-op games at your disposal on PlayStation 4, none could quite fill the niche the gorgeous and altogether psychedelic indie game about eradicating all evil in the universe would. Well, fear not Sony fans: The laser-filled outer space adventure hits PS4 on February 9th. And even if you can't find a co-op date by then, you can always play solo with an in-game space-cat (or dog) picking up the slack.

The gap between its previous release and now has afforded the development team at Asteroid Base the chance to add a few new difficulty modes, too. Hey, alright! Should you need something to pass the time until next month you could always check out our interview with the development team.

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