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UNICEF looking to invest in tech that helps children in need

Startups have until February 26th to apply for funding.

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A hearing impaired boy with a solar-powered device.

The United Nations Children's Fund, more commonly known as UNICEF, wants to start investing more in technology startups. This new initiative is part of its Innovation Fund, which seeks to develop projects that can make life better for underprivileged children across the globe. But first, companies must meet a few requirements to qualify for UNICEF's funding: The idea must be open source and have a working prototype, while the tech behind it can be novel or improve an existing one.

UNICEF says the program's goal is to help innovators take their work to the next level, so long as they meet certain functionality guidelines. Those are listed here:

  • Products for youth under 25 to address a range of needs including learning and youth participation;
  • Real-time information for decision-making; and
  • Infrastructure to increase access to services and information, including connectivity, power, finance, sensors and transport.
The Innovation Fund has received over $9 million in aid since launching last year, and it's now looking to put that money toward another great cause. Startups must submit an application by February 26th, via the organization's website.

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