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Verizon is adding a ton of new channels to FiOS 'Custom' TV

The base package has ballooned from a mere 35 channels up to 190.

Associated Press

When Verizon launched its Custom TV offering last year, the picking were a bit slim. That's changing. The base "Essentials" package from before only offered a paltry 35 channels. That's since ballooned to 190 and includes local stations but not sports networks; for what's available in your area, check out this list. If you're a fan of los deportes you'll have to sign up for the "Sports and More" package with 160 channels for access to the likes of ESPN.

Add-on channel packages have dropped in price too, from $10 each to $6. Those packages have also changed a bit in terms of variety. Now they're grouped as the Movie Lovers; Global Sports and Kids, Teens and Family packs. And like before, you can throw in Big Red's 100 Mbps internet offering in with voice service for $70 per month.

Not everyone is happy about these changes, however. Reuters reports that ESPN has sued Verizon for breach of contract for moving channels (read: ESPN) that'd typically round out a basic cable package into premium tiers. Twenty-First Century Fox along with NBC Universal feel Verizon is "violating contractual obligations." For its part, Verizon's said it'll "refresh" Custom TV in the short term so meet contractual compliance.

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