Verizon's new 'Custom' FiOS TV plans are a little more flexible

Every time we talk about a new TV service, from Sling TV to PlayStation Vue to whatever Apple might be working on, there's inevitably disappointment when it's lacking a la carte channel selection. That's still the case for the new FiOS Custom TV packages Verizon tells us it will start offering on Sunday, but they do give customers a little more choice on what channels to pay for, or leave out. The way it works, is there's a 35-channel base package (CNN, AMC, HGTV, locals networks, etc.) combined with internet service. For $65, customers get that, plus any two add-on channel packages. The add-on packs are bundled by genre in a manner similar to Sling TV, with Sports (where ESPN lives), News & Info, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Kids, Lifestyle, and Sports Plus (regional sports networks, NFL Network and so on).

Additional channel packages cost $10 each, and subscribers can switch around every 30 days, or even add phone service for a $75 total. We don't have the full lists of which channels are in which package, but we should find out soon. If you want to compare the packages to its traditional offerings, Verizon has an (off contract) offer for internet (25/25Mbps) & TV with 65+ HD channels that includes ESPN and local channels for a promotional price of $75 per month for the first year, which goes up to $95 per month afterwards. New or existing customers can sign up for the new Custom setups via Verizon's website on the 19th, so let us know -- is this close enough or are you still holding out for channel-by-channel choice?

[Image credit: Associated Press]