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Even Snapchat falls victim to phishing attempts

The company stresses it was an isolated scam and that user data wasn't compromised.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

Snapchat bragged about its eight billion daily video views on Monday, but over the weekend something happened that the ephemeral social app is probably less enthusiastic to admit: it's just as susceptible to phishing attempts as anyone else. A post on the company's blog says that last Friday someone impersonating the ghostly app's CEO emailed the payroll department and requested and received information about some of its staff.

The blog stresses that unlike before, its servers were not breached in any way, nor was any user information compromised. So unless you were or are a current employee you shouldn't have anything to worry about. And for that matter, Snapchat is providing two years of identity theft monitoring and insurance as a way of saying it's sorry to the folks affected. There's no word on exactly how many people's identities were compromised.

To prevent social engineering from getting the best of employees in the future, Snapchat says it's going to "redouble" its already "rigorous" training procedures over the coming weeks.

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