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Chromecast app expansion prompts a name change to Google Cast

The updated application arrives this week.

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Google's trying to redefine the TV and audio experience with its Casting technology, and it is getting the help it needs from manufacturers to do just that. One of them being Vizio, which today revealed a new set of 4K, HDR TVs that rely solely on Google Cast to get streaming content from third-party apps. As part of this, Google is now changing the name of the Chromecast app to Google Cast, in what's supposed to represent the broadness of the platform, according to the company.

The decision makes total sense, given that Google Cast can be found on many televisions, monitors and speakers nowadays, plus that's been the platform's name since the early days. Be on the look out for the rebranded app over the next few days -- Google says it's rolling out to Android and iOS users this week.

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