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Apple made a documentary with 'Vice' for its Music service

Each episode will focus on a local music scene.

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Apple has joined forces with Vice for a six-part documentary called The Score that puts a spotlight on different local music scenes across the globe. If you'll recall, Cupertino is rumored to be making its first original show starring Dr. Dre for a TV service. The company hasn't confirmed that yet, but perhaps making this docu-series is a way to test things out. The first episode, which is already available, focuses on the Native American (specifically the Ojibwe tribe) hip hop scene in Minnesota.

Now here's the best part: each episode comes with a playlist. For Reservation Rap, it includes Thug Luv (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac) and Runnin' (Tupac feat. The Notorious B.I.G.). The partners also traveled to other places around the globe, including Vietnam and Brazil, so you might find at least one episode interesting enough to watch. If you didn't renew your free Music subscription when it expired, and you want to know if this documentary's worth a month's fee, you can watch Reservation Rap's trailer below.

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