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VLC media player is coming to Xbox One

The Universal Windows Platform means it will be on Windows 10 Mobile and desktop too.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
04.20.16 in AV

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The promise of Windows apps on Xbox One has been hanging out there for quite a while, but now that it's really happening we're seeing some results. One of the big names that will arrive on the console this summer is VLC, a popular desktop media player that already has versions for other connected TV platforms. Maintainer Thomas Nigro says that making it a UWP app means a beta version will hit Windows 10 Mobile next week before its official debut in May and an official version for Windows 10 desktop is due in mid-May.

The Xbox One version is coming this summer once the store opens up, but anyone using their console as a development box will be able to try it out starting next week. Even Windows 10 for IoT/Raspberry Pi and Hololens are on the roadmap. The only bad news? Windows 8/RT versions have one more update coming before support ends.

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