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Bungie to release the full 'Destiny' soundtrack, three years late

It was news to ex-Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell, however.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
04.30.18 in AV

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Tlohtzin Espinosa

Music of the Spheres, the much-lauded music from Destiny, will finally be released officially to the public "in the near future," said developer Bungie. The soundtrack, written by acclaimed composer Marty O'Donnell, actually leaked out last year thanks to the work of passionate fans. It was taken down just yesterday by Activision/Bungie, however, as O'Donnell himself noted on Twitter.

Music of the Spheres was written for Destiny by O'Donnell and Michael Salvatory, in collaboration with Paul McCartney, who chipped in a cringe-y song called Hope for the Future. Bungie never released it as a standalone preview for Destiny, as it planned, but did use 40 minutes of the original suite in the game's soundtrack.

Bungie fired O'Donnell in 2014, reportedly in part because he criticized the official Destiny gameplay trailer released at E3 in 2013. O'Donnell sued over wrongful dismissal and won, receiving a profit-sharing settlement for the use of his music in Destiny.

After Bungie revealed that "we have plans to officially release Music of the Spheres in the near future" on Reddit, O'Donnell replied "Really? Were you planning on telling me at some point?" That shows there's still some acrimony between the parties, but O'Donnell did follow up in a positive way, at least. "Good news," he said.

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