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Dell’s new gaming monitors focus on high refresh rates

High-spec kit for mid-range budgets.

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Gamers that want a top-level monitor but don't have Alienware money lying around should take a look at Dell's forthcoming monitor line-up. The 24inch FHD and 27inch QHD models boast pretty high refresh rates -- 144Hz and 155Hz respectively -- and low 1ms response times, which means smooth gameplay and minimal input lag.

They're both tailored for gaming, so multi-monitor set-up is seamless, you can save up to three user-defined profiles, and support for AMD FreeSync means you can game with the no-sync fast refresh option on your existing hardware. Plus you'll get edge-to-edge gameplay, crammed with 3.68 million pixels (on the 27inch), which is almost two times more than Full HD. Both go on sale on August 28, starting at $320 for the 24inch and $550 for the larger model.

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