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Watch the Oculus Connect 5 keynote at 1PM ET

You can watch in VR this time.

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Nicole Lee / Engadget

What's arguably the biggest VR event of the year, Oculus Connect 5, is about to kick off -- and to no one's surprise, Oculus is encouraging you to tune in. It's streaming the OC5 keynote, and you can watch the regular stream live below or on Facebook starting at 1PM Eastern. On top of that, you can watch in VR this year -- if you have an Oculus Go or Gear VR, you can spectate with fellow headset wearers using Oculus Venues.

As to what you can expect? Facebook's CTO previously promised "exciting updates" around the Project Santa Cruz standalone headset, so it's safe to say you'll see news on that front. You might also see more details about the more natural vision technology of Half Dome. And of course, it wouldn't be surprising to see updates for Oculus Go, social VR features and the Rift Core software at the heart of it all. It promises to be a packed event, even if there are plenty of unknowns.

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