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‘Civilization VI’ brings its addictive empire-building to the iPhone

iPad players can grab the phone version at no extra cost.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
10.04.18 in AV

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Firaxis Games

Fans of Civilization VI who want to create an empire while on the go have another option for how to do so -- it's now available on iPhone. There's good news for iPad players, as those who own the turn-based strategy game on the tablet can snag the iPhone version at no extra cost.

You can get a taste of Civilization VI by playing your first 60 turns for free. To keep going and unlock the full game, it'll typically cost you $60, though it's on sale for $24 until October 16th to mark the iPhone launch. Since it's a resource-intensive title (with almost all of the PC version's features), you'll need an iPhone 7 or newer handset.

Meanwhile, if you'd like another way to grow your empire from the Stone Age to the modern era while on your commute, it's worth noting the game is also making its way to Nintendo Switch next month.

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