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Gmail's iOS app finally has a unified inbox to view multiple accounts

It only took like three years.
Imad Khan, @imad
10.30.18 in Internet

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stockcam via Getty Images

The Gmail app on iOS just got a major upgrade, allowing users to view multiple email accounts at the same time. This much-wanted feature has been available to Android users for years, but has finally made its over to Apple's operating system. The update has already started rolling out, and will hit all users over the next 15 days.

This has always been a thorn in the side for iPhone fans and has forced iOS users to look towards other email apps, like Outlook, to juggle multiple accounts with ease. That's not to say that all Gmail features hit Android before iOS. Earlier this year Gmail was testing AI to prioritize notifications on iOS before Android. It came along with Google's major Gmail resign which launched earlier this year, to the chagrin of unknowing Twitter users.

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