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Spotify opens up its streaming data to music publishers

The tool includes stats on how well songs perform on playlists.

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Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images

Spotify seems to be focused on building stronger relationships with musicians, having added features such as easier music uploads and allowing them to submit tracks to playlist editors for consideration. It's made overtures to songwriters as well, including with its Secret Genius program and adding songwriter and producer credits. The latest effort to foster ties with the industry is Publishing Analytics, which the company says is "the first analytics tool from a music streaming service built specifically for publishers, so they can better serve their songwriters."

The feature, which launched in beta Thursday, offers publishers daily performance stats for "the works and recordings they have identified," including how well songs are doing on playlists (an important tool for artists who are trying to gain popularity on Spotify). They can also view data for the songwriters in their stable. Spotify worked with publishers on the tool, which is designed to "offer value to all of the roles that publishers play, from A&R to administration." The company also noted that Publishing Analytics won't affect how publishing royalties are tallied or paid out.

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