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"Nothing excited me in mobile in the past few years," Tom Moss says, leaning back in an office chair. Far as he's concerned, smartphone makers -- especially those working with Android — have spent way too much time crafting hardware and not nearly enough effort on innovating software. That's why, when the bug to build something new bit again, Moss gathered an Android dream team to build a "cloud-first" smartphone called Robin.

When we first took a look at GE's Neuro VR project -- which sends you on a journey into a musician's mind -- it wasn't available to the public. Now, all Oculus owners can enjoy the experience that blends data visualization from a real MRI (of Ladytron musician Reuben Wu, no less) with immersive entertainment. Virtual reality is easy to pitch as a tool for nobel causes like education and rehabilitation, but it's also just pretty darn cool to experience -- and it's fusion projects like Neuro VR that will increase the format's broad appeal. If our early report whetted your appetite for the slick 90fps experience, you'll likely appreciate the video trailer too, which we've kindly snuck in for you below. Neuro VR was pencilled to arrive on Gear VR also, and while It's not there right now, it's worth keeping (both) eyes on the Samsung store.

For years, Netflix subscribers have asked for the ability to download movies and TV shows offline. The company says it's "never going to happen" -- so Amazon has taken the initiative and added exactly that to its rival streaming service. If you're signed up to Prime Video, or have an Amazon Prime account, you can now store titles covered by your subscription on almost any mobile device. It's supported in both the iOS and Android app -- although the latter will require you to download the app through the Amazon Appstore. The regular Amazon app in Google Play, which also supports Prime Video, doesn't seem to have the feature just yet, however. The feature first debuted on Fire tablets in 2013, but this expansion is significant -- if you're a frequent flyer, for instance, you no longer have to break your Transparent binge-session or purchase the full series if you're on an iPad.

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The stylus available for tablets and smartphones usually fall into two camps. The more precise pens with Bluetooth connectivity that only work with certain apps or the rubber-tipped pens that work with anything but can result in smudgy lines. Adonit thinks it's found a happy medium with its new Jot Dash pen. The powered pen offers up precision tracking without having to pair via Bluetooth or being reliant on an app. The pen works with iOS and Android devices (Sorry no Windows support) and is powered up via a click button at the top of the pen. The 1.9 mm point uses Adonit's PixelPoint technology to detect touch-screen signals and rebroadcasts those signals as a larger point so the device recognizes it as a touch without having to resort to a larger pen tip. Yeah, it's kind of confusing, but it works. The pen ships with a charging dock and is available today for $49.99.

Health o Meter announced on Tuesday the launch of its new Nuyu line of health tracking devices and an associated mobile app. The system relies equally on the Nuyu Activity Monitor, which tracks steps, calories, distance and sleep; and connects with its counterpart Nuyu app via Bluetooth. The $48 Monitor can be worn on the wrist (with one of 8 available strap colors) or belt -- even tied to shoelaces. It displays your constantly-updated stats on a large OLED screen which is depth rated to 30 meters and runs for up to four months on a single battery. The app itself is free and available for both Android and iOS, though the data is only compatible with Apple's Health Kit.

After updating its smoke detector and camera, Nest has finally decided to update the device that made the company famous; its Thermostat. The new smart controller has a slightly thinner profile, larger and higher-resolution display and will now alert users when their furnace is acting wonky. To make figuring out what's going on without walking across the room easier, the third-generation device will now display the target or current temperature or an analog or digital watch face on a larger display that's activated whenever someone walks into the room. The Thermostat now has a 480 x 480 (229 ppi) display. While the display got larger, the profile got smaller. The width of the device is now 1.21 inches instead of 1.26 inches. Not exactly a huge difference, but slimmer is slimmer. For furnace owners, the Furnace Heads-Up feature tracks shutoff patterns to see if there's a potential problem with the heater. This feature will be released for the first- and second-generation Thermostats later this year. The new third-generation Nest Thermostat is available now for $249.

Land Rover doesn't see why towing a caravan or horse box should get in the way of rear visibility. The luxury SUV-maker has created a concept system that shows drivers what's behind them as if the rear-window is free from obstructions. The idea is pretty simple: a camera on the towed object beams images of what's behind it to a display embedded in the vehicle's rear-view mirror. Land Rover already came up with something similar that makes hoods "transparent," and this idea is an extension of that.

Steam has revealed that along with the new Mad Max game you'll be able to buy all four films, from the 1979 Mel Gibson original to this year's Fury Road. Valve does very little promotion for movies on Steam, but said in a press release that it has 100 titles to date, which sent me scurrying to check that fact. And yes! Sort of. There are titles for sale, but all are either documentaries (including its own) or straight-to-video fare like Let's Ruin it with Babies and Kung Fury.

US Amazon users can now buy Nintendo titles like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U through a digital download space on Amazon. According to the page, you can purchase one of the 61 titles listed, including Mario Kart 8, Splatoon and Yoshi's Island, then just click the Nintendo Network link on the 'thank you' page. From there, the content code will be automatically redeemed and the game sent directly to your Wii U or 3DS console. The new store means there's now another way to purchase downloadable games other than through Nintendo's eShop -- even though it still comes directly from Nintendo.

Apple isn't the only one developing an exclusive news service for its mobile customers. Samsung has announced a partnership with Axel Springer, a publisher of European newspapers including Die Welt, Bild and Fakt, to develop a news platform called "UPDAY." It'll be exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices, and a beta version is set to land in the Google Play store this Thursday. What isn't clear, however, is how much content, if any, Axel Springer will be producing exclusively for the service. UPDAY is being pitched as an "aggregated news content platform," with stories selected both algorithmically and by a local team of news editors. Initially, the app will be restricted to Galaxy device owners in Germany and Poland -- the countries where Axel Springer is dominant -- before rolling out to "other European markets" early next year. If it's successful, or Samsung thinks it has potential, there's every chance it'll be launched further afield in the future. Devices

While PayPal has made its name (and serious money) helping people pay for their online and in-store purchases, sending cash to friends or family takes a little bit longer than it needs to. That's why the company created the Venmo app, but that's only available to US users. Even though Venmo, Facebook Messenger, Square Cash and other peer-to-peer payment apps are gaining in popularity, many people still shy away from actually asking for the money they're owed. In an attempt to take the friction out of asking for and receiving payments, the e-commerce giant has launched, a new service that makes requesting money as simple as sending someone a web link. Not only that, it's a link that'll never change.

It was quite a surprise when Amazon announced it had snapped up the Top Gear trio for a new show on Prime Instant Video. Many thought Netflix or Sky would win out, but now it's emerged that another unlikely player was bidding for Clarkson and friends: Apple. According to Variety, the company made "an unprecedented bid" for the stars after they left the BBC. Ultimately, however, it must have been turned down. If Apple is indeed preparing its own original programming, it would make sense that the three British presenters were at the top of its wish list. Now the ball is in Amazon's court; the company is desperate for a House of Cards-level hit, but aside from Transparent, it's failed to make much headway. On Clarkson's reputation alone, Bezos may finally get it with a Top Gear spiritual successor.

If you were hoping to see more of Spartan 117 ahead of Halo 5: Guardians release this October, today isn't your day. Sure, there's a new trailer embedded below, but it isn't gameplay. Nor does it tell us much about what's going on with the game's story (Dr. Halsey working alongside Covenant Elites is intriguing, though). It's bombastic, pretty, and stars Nightfall protagonist Jameson Locke, but the clip ultimately rings a bit hollow. If you want to see what Nathan FIllion looks like after spending some time in the uncanny valley, however, you're in for a treat. Everyone else that's expecting some hot new footage of Master Chief on the battlefield will almost assuredly be disappointed, though.


$820,000. That's how much former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges pilfered in bitcoin during his time investigating the online black market, Silk Road. Bridges pleaded guilty to money laundering and obstruction of justice recently and the Department of Justice says that it was analyzing the "block chain and data" from Silk Road's servers that lead the breadcrumb trail of ill-gotten gains back to him. Bridges funneled his 20,000 bitcoins, at that time worth $350,000, through a series of "complex transactions" with a stop at Mt. Gox before transferring them into US dollars in early 2013. It isn't nearly as flagrant as his colleague Carl Force's transgressions (a movie deal? Seriously?), but the amount of money Bridges tried stealing was an awful lot higher.

DEM 2016 Clinton

As the saga over Hillary Clinton's emails from her time as Secretary of State continues, the State Department tonight released the largest bundle of recovered messages yet. Amounting to some 7,000 pages, officials told Reuters they include some 150 emails marked as classified, which have had passages redacted. The Clinton campaign continues to maintain that her use of a private email server was not a problem, and that messages were classified later, not at the time they were originally sent. So what's in the database? You can search it yourself, to find tidbits including Clinton asking for the broadcast times of Parks & Recreation and The Good Wife and an entirely odd one marked "Gefilte Fish." In another, she asks adviser Huma Abedin to teach her how to use a new iPad when it arrived in June 2010. Riveting stuff.

Now that we know how the graphics worked on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64, The iBookGuy wants to tell us all about how the Apple II and Atari 2600 got their groove on. In the latest video he says that the Apple II actually used two different techniques for producing visuals depending on whether you had a monochrome or color monitor unit. And the reason white text on a black background appears almost rainbow-like in nature on color machines has to do with pixel placement. For example, blue and green being next to each other on screen requires perfect alignment lest you want white mages to have spots of the former bleeding into them.

Activision announced on Monday that Nuk3town, the single most popular map in the Call of Duty franchise's entire history, will be available on CoD: Black Ops 3. Anybody that pre-orders BO3 for the PS4, XBone or PC will receive a download code that unlocks the legendary map when the game hits store shelves on November 6th. Nuk3town made its debut back in the first Black Ops game and returned as Nuk3town 2025 for BO2.

The never-ending saga of the Atari 2600 E.T. cartridges that were famously buried (and later unearthed) in Alamogordo, New Mexico continues to benefit the small town. Last November, a selection of games (including E.T., Asteroids and Missile Command) that were recovered in the excavation were put up for sale on eBay, and now we know just how much cash they generated. According to the Alamogordo News, the game sales totaled $107,930.15, with more than $65,000 going directly to the town. In addition, the Tularosa Basin Historical Society received over $16,000 while more than $26,000 was spent on shipping and other expenses. A total of 881 cartridges covering 60 different titles were sold overall; a copy of E.T. was the highest single sale at $1,535.

MR. ROBOT - "d4bug.mkv" Episode 103 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, Christian Slater as Mr. Robot -- (Photo: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

After delaying its finale a week, Mr. Robot wraps up its run this week on USA. Of course, you'll probably want to check out Max Max: Fury Road on Blu-ray first, or the accompanying videogame on several systems. This weekend college football is also back on the schedule, and while we've listed some major games, you can find a comprehensive list here. We're also looking forward to the season premiere of Drunk History, and Amazon's latest series Hand of God. Look after the break to check out each day's highlights, including trailers and let us know what you think (or what we missed).