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AU's Sanyo Neon is sure to become the envy of every teenage girl in Japan, and without even participating in the megapixel wars. One of the six EV-DO phones AU recently rolled out, the Neon's specs ar...

March 13th 2006 at 12:17pm 0 Comments
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We're not exactly sure whether a technology trade show is the best place to debut a new line of denim wear, but who are we to argue with Bogner Jeans' solar jean jacket? Bogner promises the jacket wi...

March 13th 2006 at 11:57am 0 Comments
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The MviX MV-5000U, yet another product trying to seduce its way into your livingroom, got a glowing review from Tom's Hardware for its audio / video capabilities. Bought as a case or equipped with a 8...

March 13th 2006 at 4:45am 0 Comments
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We've got plenty of robots more than happy to get behind the bar for a shift, but we wish they could be a little more personable as they make our gin tonic with soulless precision. We're not talking...

March 12th 2006 at 9:56pm 0 Comments
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We already know all about Gigabyte's other WinMo smartphone, the gSmart, and the new gSmart i (which we've seen before) features Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2, a 416MHz processor, analog TV and radio tuner...

March 12th 2006 at 7:48pm 0 Comments
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After SanDisk announced their superiority over every portable audio player manufacturer (except one), you might have thought they were getting a little too big for their britches. Well, CNET finally g...

March 12th 2006 at 7:20pm 0 Comments
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Unless your webcam is saving lives, most people are merely content using theirs to communicate with family and friends. But the good lawd knows we can't always get dolled up to video conference: ente...

March 11th 2006 at 9:35pm 0 Comments
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Less than a year after the Nokia 7280 blazed a trail for fashionable, leather-clad tech in the US, Nokia's followup, the 7380, is getting some interesting reviews. How do you review a phone thats mai...

March 11th 2006 at 5:50pm 0 Comments