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Officials taking advantage of the ubiquitous nature of cellphones to ensure the safety of the public is nothing new to us, but with its newest project, the European Commission is definitely taking it...

January 29th 2007 at 5:45pm 0 Comments
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We've all been there -- you need to get in contact with your friends; they're not answering their phones. You know they're online, but you need to have an actual voice conversation. Well, rejoice, ou...

January 26th 2007 at 4:54pm 0 Comments
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Ahh, another day, another ban -- David Hill, Director of Championships for The R & A, has recently announced that for this year's British Open cellphones will not be permitted. After numerous comp...

January 24th 2007 at 4:50pm 0 Comments
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Whether ECHELON is true or not is debatable, but for now we know that Integrated Media Measurement, Inc. is, in fact, real. The IMMI has developed special cellphones that can eavesdrop on conversation...

January 24th 2007 at 3:17pm 0 Comments
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Seems as though the attack of the cellphones has escaped our hospitals and entered our homes. According to research done research by UK retailer Dial-a-Phone, our mobile devices contain more bacteria...

January 24th 2007 at 12:00pm 0 Comments
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Sure the Xbox 360 has awesome games like Gears of War, but what good is all that bloody carnage when all the other next-gen systems have motion sensors? We were just ready to throw in the towel waitin...

January 22nd 2007 at 1:11am 0 Comments
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So you've thrown down some major cabbage and gotten yourself a serious gaming PC for the new year, and now you want a mouse just as fitting -- well look no further than Razer's DeathAdder, say the guy...

January 19th 2007 at 7:03am 0 Comments
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We try to keep it on the low, but when it comes to clothes shopping, the Engadget crew is like a gaggle of school girls -- running up and down the aisles comparing outfits and finding the latest acces...

January 19th 2007 at 3:33am 0 Comments