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If you're a Dish Network customer, there's really no reason not to upgrade to the Hopper with Sling, which combines the service's powerful whole-home DVR with Sling's watch-anywhere functions, so you can take your programs anywhere. Laptop Mag calls it the "ideal package for anyone who wants to watch their shows anytime and anyplace" and says the Hopper "is so good, you may want to ditch cable or DirecTV just to get it." PC Mag also likes the Hopper with Sling, and says it "packs a staggering array of features into a single box," and is "simply the best DVR available today."

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PC Mag Jan 31, 2013

The Dish Network Hopper With Sling takes the already powerful and flexible Hopper satellite box/DVR and adds invaluable and built-in place-shifting features thanks to Sling.

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Laptop Magazine Mar 22, 2013

The Hopper with Sling combines a whole-house DVR with location-shifting features, making it one of the most compelling pieces of home entertainment technology.

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Wired Mar 11, 2013

Hopper with Sling gets the nod for its primetime auto-record feature, which is a technical marvel and a huge plus if you watch a lot of primetime shows.

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Mashable Jan 30, 2013

Summing up, this is a worthwhile upgrade to the Dish Hopper; if you're already a customer, I'd recommend going for the update. Its quicker response, Slingbox place-shifting and AutoHop commercial skipping sets it apart from any other DVR on the market.

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First Looks

product preview
Engadget Jan 7, 2013

Externally, this latest Hopper looks identical to its predecessor, and offers all of the original features, with the added benefit of Sling, boosted performance and built-in WiFi.

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product preview
CNET Jan 7, 2013

An impressive, very full-featured DVR system that borders on having almost everything you could possibly want (of course, all the features have to work smoothly, but that's another story). However, upgrading the Hopper so soon may upset some users who bought the system last year.

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tempamatic tempamatic

Video quality is awful if you don't watch ESPN. Remote is primitive and confusing, UI could be a lot better. However, the watch anywhere feature is 10/10, excellent.

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Fred929 Fred929

The UI could use a lot of work. The Blockbuster UI sucks, can't really find anything using the native search. I have a Vizio Co-Star plugged in. The Prime time feature is useless on the Hopper, it will record all the local Prime time crap. I wish I could filter all the sports CRAP channels from...

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raz57 raz57

Primetime anytime, automatic commercial skip, external hard drives, USB off air antenna adapter, built in Sling, recording transfers to iPad - All outstanding features no one else has.

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