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We own a Withings scale, and I always hoped that they'd build in integration with Fitbit's services (I'm a Fitbit Ultra user). Well, now they don't have to, because Fitbit has gone and made their own scale, which we first saw this past CES.

The scale is really lovely... set up is a snap, especially if you're familiar with the Fitbit software and website. Like Withings, the scale figures out which person in the house is using it (through sorcery, I imagine, though perhaps by your rough weight). The Aria feels much studier and well-made than the Withings, and comes in black or white.
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Thanks for the review. Been using the Endomondo app on my Android phone and recently purchased the Pro version. I have been searching for a great piece of hardware to compliment it. Lucky for that the Fitbit is one of them too.

Been waiting for this thing to come out. I love my Fitbit Ultra and the integration with this scale will make it even better.

I've owned the Withings scale for about a year now and as long as I've had it I've been able to connect it to my fitbit account so that it automatically gets my weight logged from the scale.

Also, the withings scale seems very well built to me, so this seems like high praise for the Aria.

I agree with RyanK - having owned the Withings for some time, there's not much about that design that I'd call into question. The benefit seems to be, 'the ability to have multiple users individually recognized by the scale'. I live alone, but totally understand that as a benefit.

Also, I tied my Withings scale to use my Fitbit.com info -- this isn't really a benefit. They both do it.

I have some friends that live with 4 people who share a Withings scale. The scale compares the weigh-in data to previous data from the users and if its sure which user it is, it automatically assigns the weigh-in to them. If not, it asks the user to shift their weight to one side to indicate who they are.

According to www.withings.com­/en­/bodyscale­/features the Withings scale supports up to 8 users, the same as the Aria supports www.fitbit.com­/product­/aria­/features

So, there really doesn't seem to be much difference between these two scales at all. Veronica is the only person I know that has seen both in person, and I trust her judgement if she said the build quality seems better with the Aria... but honestly don't think you could go wrong with either scale!

For a while there, it was possible to connect the WiThings scale to a Fitbit account. I had it set up myself. But then it started getting flaky and then stopped working altogether. I was disappointed in Fitbit for not making more of an effort in that area, and if it was just because they were coming out with their own product that's even more disappointing. I don't have the spare cash to spend on extra hundred dollar scales. I'll wait until the Withings gives up the ghost and then I guess I'll go with the Fitbit...

I'm not sure what you mean by "for a while there, it was possible to connect the WiThings scale to a Fitbit account". You still can and if it has stopped, perhaps the authorization to your fitbit account got revoked. I haven't seen any issues with data syncing from my Withings scale and I wouldn't attribute this to malice or a conflict of interest on the fitbit side.

Before waiting for your device to die and go out and spend more on a replacement, I'd double check that that your accounts are linked properly. All the info you'll need to link your accounts is at: www.withings.com­/en­/services­/fitbit

You're right, it's probably just a glitch somewhere, but lets be honest, Fitbit was never that motivated or eager to get it working. There's also a lot of people on the support forums with a failed connection who haven't been able to get it working. I mostly haven't bothered because it's a little kludgy to begin with...

Well, I am sure that Fitbit Aria is a great scale for what it offers and price - compared to Withings. However, i still don't get why is it better in terms of features. I know that Withings do support Fitbit and has more server integration options.

Wouldn't it be better to have such open options rather than sticking with Fitbit and the couple services they support?

I still want to make my mind on which one to get, but so far i see Withings as a safer bet despite the extra $30.

I have been using the Withings scale for over 2 years and would like to switch to this scale. Is there a way I can export all my readings over the last 2 years into the fitbit software/applications?