October 2nd 2013 8:31 am

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  • Durability No comments good
  • Portability No comments great!
  • Ease of use No comments good
  • Design and form factor I am rough with my devices. It's popped off my wrist a few times. Better than the original fitbit though, which always fell off. Step tracking is 70% accurate so-so
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I really like that the Fitbit app connects to other apps like Fitstar and Lose it, to give a better sense of overall activity and calories burned and consumed.

But, I feel like it is 70% accurate in terms of mileage and steps taken. However, that is kind of unimportant because it does the job of making me think about whether or not I need to get off my ass. If I set myself a daily goal of 12,000 steps and it's 6pm and I am at 8,000 steps, I am going to get up and take the dog for an extra walk. That wouldn't have happened prior to wearing the device. Likewise, if I want to get more steps in on a given day, I might get off the bus or subway a couple of stops early, in order to meet my step goal. The Fitbit Force encourages me to be more active, period.

The website and app are really nicely designed and offer other cool things to track other than just steps which I would also never have tracked, like hydration and sleep.

My goal is to get active, walk, run and eat better and the Fitbit Force is really helping me to do that. If you want completely accurate data on mileage during runs and walks, then you need a GPS watch or use an app like Runkeeper on your phone, to give more precise measurements. If those apps (Runkeeper or Garmin) are connected to your Force, the Fitbit website and app will correct the mileage and steps taken for the time period of that activity.

It's an improvement on the original Fitbit in terms of form factor and it definitely does the job of making me think about sleep, water intake, nutrition (when linked to other nutrition tracking apps) and activity.
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