HP's first Windows 8 tablet for the business world


The ElitePad 900 is a well-made tablet with a lovely display and lots of business-friendly security features. But sluggish performance and mediocre battery life dampen our enthusiasm.

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Engadget May 9, 2013

Even compared to other Atom tablets, which aren't exactly powerhouses either, the ElitePad feels sluggish. ... That said, the ElitePad is still a solid tablet in many ways, but it's only at its best when you splurge on the extras.

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CNET Apr 23, 2013

If someone else is footing the bill, HP's expensive ElitePad 900 and accessory ecosystem covers a lot of bases, but this isn't going to be a consumer crossover product.

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Laptop Magazine Apr 9, 2013

In this age of bring your own device to work, tablet makers are still feeling their way as to what makes the ideal combination of a work and play gadget. And, while the ElitePad 900 gets a lot right, HP hasn't quite perfected the mix.

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PC Mag Apr 12, 2013

The HP ElitePad 900 brings Windows 8 slate tablet computing to SMB and enterprise businesses, but unless you're standardized on HP products, there are better choices out there.

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PC Advisor Apr 4, 2013

If you need an extremely portable Windows PC for around £600, you could do a lot worse. But you may want to consider adding a keyboard, mouse and stand to your setup.

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Digital Trends Apr 9, 2013

HP believes there’s a demand in the enterprise market for tablets that can go feasibly go anywhere and do anything. We agree, but don’t agree that the 900 is capable of filling that role.

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Business Insider Apr 17, 2013

At $799, the 64 GB ElitePad 900 is pretty attractive considering it can largely mimic the functions of a regular computer. It's a decent option if you must have a Windows 8 tablet.

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V3 May 7, 2013

The ElitePad has relatively modest performance, in line with other tablets based on Intel's Atom platform. Coupled with the 2GB memory limit, this means that the device is fine for productivity applications but not for any significantly demanding workloads.

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Computer Shopper Apr 17, 2013

HP's latest business tablet is a versatility virtuoso if you opt for the port-expanding and keyboard-adding accessories. But it suffers the same limitations as other Atom-powered slates.

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First Looks

product preview
IT Pro Portal Mar 21, 2013

The HP ElitePad can definitely compete with Apple in terms of design. It has a sleek aluminium with the only visible connectors being the dock at the bottom and a headphone jack at the top.

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