Kris Naudus


Kris runs Engadget's awesome product database with a iron (more like tin, actually) fist. She's also written stuff for Anime Insider, Anime News Network, and some fly-by-night operation called Pokémon. She "liek mudkipz" and is convinced that Engadget's official mascot Pokémon has to be Rotom. Because.


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The act of building a great gaming rig isn't just about finding the most powerful processor, a capable graphics card or massive amounts of RAM. It's also about what you use to interact with the mach...

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As laptops continue to become more powerful, there's still plenty of room for an all-in-one desktop in your life. Their slim profile makes them a bit more desk- or living room-friendly than a typica...

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We spend a lot of time in front of our computers, which could be why we're so keen to track all the times we actually step away from our screens and get a little walking or running done. To that end...

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Seven years ago, netbooks were all the rage with consumers, providing a cheap and easy way to get online and carry out other basic computing tasks. They died out as cellphones and tablets became pop...

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