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by npstookey

windows 8 and the hp envyx2
my first contact with windows 8. enjoy the metro layout AND having access to the desktop as well. as a early adapter (iPad) of the tablet form, i bring a certain perspective to the x2. long had hoped for a decent keyboard to accompany a detachable screen and the hp envy x2 does it for me. what it lacks in SSD size (only 64gb) i make up for with microSD (64gb) on the tablet and the addition of a regular 128gb SD on the side. although only 32 bit in an increasingly 64 bit app world, the less than... Read more →

by KAsante

Envy X2 vs Surface for Windows 8 Pro
Hey Guys, So I've been waiting patiently for more details to be released about the Surface Pro. And now that it's close to its release date of Mid to late January 2013 I have to ask: Is the Surface Pro worth the wait? I know it's all about what you need it for but I couldn't give up my old windows apps. That's why I didn't go the route of the Surface RT. I want to be able to Load Steam and play some games sometimes... or Anything else that a Windows Laptop can provide. Here's the issue... Read more →