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  • Features Android 4.2 & no sign of an upgrade. Still, my Slate 7 didn't have GPS a huge number of apps wouldn't work on it, so this is much better! good
  • Display The size, resolution and 4:3 ratio of the display and the Gorilla glass construction are all great. Brightness and contrast could be better good
  • Battery life Battery life is mediocre but that's compounded by the proprietary charger (albeit with micro USB lead) which means you can't charge it from your laptop so-so
  • Ease of use It's largely unadulterated Android 4.2. If it gets a KitKat upgrade, it'll be even better... good
  • Storage capacity 32Gb would have been better. Micro SD helps a bit. good
  • Design and form factor It's attractive to look (white back matches my HP Chromebook...) at & 4:3 is much more useful than 16:9. Amazing how much difference there is between 7" and 8". great!
  • Portability (size / weight) The downside to the solid construction is that it is heavy. And the downside to the superb screen is that it makes the unit quite difficult to hold so-so
  • Durability Very nicely built. Would have got full marks, but the volume controls and the cover for the Micro SD slot seem a bit flimsy - which is a shame at this price good
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Just a remark about this review, as I have bought this tablet. The usb connector and charger for the HP Slate 8 pro is fully standard. So you can use hp USB charge or any other vendor or generic charger as well as charging your tablet with your PC.

The USB cable and connector are standard (although the USB connector on the tablet is upside down...) but it's a high current charger and the tablet drains faster than a PC USB port will charge it, so you have to use the charger that came with it - grabbing any old micro USB charger (probably) won't work.

That aside, the more I use it, the more I like it.

My first slate 8 pro had light bleed issues at the lower edges of the screen. The replacement also has it, but not as severe. Unfortunately, after just under two weeks of use, there is a crack on the lower right edge of the frame that extends half an inch to the rear. Looks like HP still has quality control issues.