by jkasten

Looking for a power inverter with built in battery or good portable battery with AC out at about 100 watts. Also any larger capacity USB portable batterys?
Anyone know of a power inverter with built in battery or good portable battery with AC out at about 100 watts. Also any larger capacity USB portable batteries?
Used to have a Rocket fish RF-INV80 http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/products/computer-accessories/RF-INV80.html
I am basically looking for a replacement for this. Was great for car trips as I could charge my phone and laptop in the car like a normal power inverter but also could also take it with me in my bag for back-up power when I... Read more →

by Mitchellmckenna

Vimeo Videos Stuttering on TouchPad
While streaming Vimeo videos often the video will pause to buffer, but not start again till I pause it and click play again, it will happen several times throughout the video. Nothing wrong with my internet speeds and YouTube videos play fine. Someone suggested switching to html5 version of their player, but then no Vimeo videos work.

by iPodius

Anyone know where I can get an Australian plug for the TouchPad Charger?
I bought a TouchPad in the firesale, which, of course, came with a US power plug. But the charger is an international one which lets you swap the plugs out - it just didn't come with any of the other plugs.
HP sells an international adapter kit - http://www.shopping.hp.com/store/product/product_d... - but that comes with an additional (unnecessary) charger. (And given that it will only come with one Australian plug, I'll end up... Read more →

by blackfish

I just installed CyanogenMod and Love it!
Ok, I'm an iPad/iOS guy, but we have 2 of the HP Touchpads. I think it's fine, but doesn't do much thanks to the limited app market. I finally got around to installing Android 2.3.1 and its much more useful now. Sure I'm not a fan of android, especially this 'non-tablet' version, but its pros outweigh the cons thanks to the extended app market.
Yay for Netflix on a $149 tablet :)

by bb4u

Is there a way to improve website rendering on Touchpad?
I have an iPad for comparison and the gdgt.com website looks much better on the iPad than the touchpad particularly in portrait orientation. Same goes for many other websites some of which are almost unreadable when viewed in portrait on the touchpad. Is there a way to change the web browser user agent to make a website render the iPad version on the Touchpad? Or is it just inferior zooming and/or font rendering on the touchpad web browser compared to iOS safari?

by luqven

So what the heck do I do with my HP Touchpad now?
Now that WebOS is dead, and the product is discontinued, I really don't know what to do with this bulky thing. It's an OK e-reader, but its just to bulky to take with me. Its got flash so its great for web browsing... when my Govnah kernel doesn't crash limiting my processor speeds. So what should/can I do with? I certainly don't just want the thing collecting dust in my closet, even if I did get it during a fire sale...

by LewisAGarcia

What HP Touchpad cases do each of you own?
What case do you guys own and do they have pros and cons to them?
I recently did my case research and found some owners successfully using this Technocel iPad case for their TP's (http://www.amazon.com/Technocel-Leather-folio-Apple-Black/dp/B004HD5EXO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1319426170&sr=1-1)
BTW: You should all own this screen protector that's on sale! (http://www.skinomi.com/hp-touchpad-screen-protect... I just ordered one! (Sorry if I sound like I'm selling it,... Read more →

by marcham93

HP TouchPad Owners, Do you think you should have waited till the Amazon Kindle Fire was released?
I would just like to get the opinion of HP TouchPad Owners who went out and purchased a Touchpad during the firesale for $100-$150. Do you wish you would have waited for the Amazon Kindle Fire to be released? I just find it an intresting point to bring up. Yes the screen is smaller, but it has access to the Amazon cloud and a huge Android App store provided by Amazon. On another note if Amazon releases a Kindle Fire 10" for possibly around $299 would you have wished you held out for that? Just...

by Mitchellmckenna

Shipping Electronics Through Customs
Anyone have any experience shipping gadgets to and from Canada? I bought a HP Touchpad which I've decided to gift to my sister back in Canada.
I know it's important to claim it as a gift so you aren't charged high taxes on it, but what else do I need to do?
  • Should I get insurance on it, how much?
  • If I remember correctly FedEx/UPS asks how much the device is worth and some people say to claim it very low (like under $20) so that your not taxed on it, or should I claim it's $99, or more?
  • Who's the...
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