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  • Features Has all the features most people use 80% of the time. Just Type/Synergy is AMAZING. It's a multitasking monster. -1 for missing a few key apps in the market. good
  • Display Display is crisp, has great colors, excellent viewing angles and no obvious flaws. -1 Still fighting with whether I would have rather had 1080 display. good
  • Battery life Pretty close to on par with my iPad, some occasional dips likely due to the multi-tasking capabilities and apps staying on all day. 8-10 hours of real use. good
  • Ease of use This is the winning aspect. It's just so easy to use. Coming from iPad/Android you have to unlearn a couple of things but after a day or two you "get it" great!
  • Storage capacity 16GB seems fine for me, plus 50GB of box.net storage and integration with Facebook and several other online services for storage. Keep it on the cloud. great!
  • Design and form factor While it's a fingerprint magnet almost everyone will get a case. I have no complaints except that I would have preferred a little more matte finish. good
  • Portability (size / weight) I carry it around all day. It's only a couple of ounces heavier than the iPad or Galaxy tab, not enough to matter realistically. Will probably pick up a 7" too. good
  • Durability No comments
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