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  • Features Not enough apps to compete so-so
  • Display solid but not spectacular so-so
  • Battery life with wifi off i get a few days, with solid use i can get through the day good
  • Ease of use webOS on a tablet...what more can you want good
  • Storage capacity 32gb suffices, 64 is better so-so
  • Design and form factor OK, could be thinner and lighter. Thats not the problem here so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments so-so
  • Durability Seems just as durable as any competitor so-so
Detailed review
I like the Touchpad. I used a palm pre for over 2 years, so I'm pretty comfortable with webOS. I basically use it for web browsing and twitter. For $150 that's fine with me. For $500, not so much. Here are my issues. First, now that I have an iPhone I see what real good touchscreen can do. iOS feels like its actually moving with you. The touchpad like other webOS products is always a step behind. Similarly the keyboard is difficult to use and has very little intuition or auto correct. It has the same bugs that my Pre had including sound failure (the geniuses at webosinternals created an app to solve), memory loss requiring restarts, and screen issues. Next, just not enough apps. Where are the home built HP apps? Why no youtube app? You tube on the web is not a great experience on a touchpad.

For what it is, and for the price point i got it at, I'm mostly satisfied. At night I get browse the web, catchup on my news, and check my twitter feed (check out Graphite). But in terms of productivity, it could never happen (try using the keyboard to pount out 100 emails per day - not happening).