February 10th 2011 2:17 pm


by marcham93

HP TouchPad Owners, Do you think you should have waited till the Amazon Kindle Fire was released?
I would just like to get the opinion of HP TouchPad Owners who went out and purchased a Touchpad during the firesale for $100-$150. Do you wish you would have waited for the Amazon Kindle Fire to be released? I just find it an intresting point to bring up. Yes the screen is smaller, but it has access to the Amazon cloud and a huge Android App store provided by Amazon. On another note if Amazon releases a Kindle Fire 10" for possibly around $299 would you have wished you held out for that? Just...

by dnlpalestina

are you guys experiencing hangs while updating your touchpad to 3.0.2 68?
I just got my touchpad and the first move I'm doing in it is to look for
software updates, so once the device found the 3.0.2 68 version I tapped to
proceed to watch the touchpad download and extract the update and get hang
in the install process.
Many guys at www.forums.precentral.net have had the same problem and did find the right solution.
Just unplug the device from the charger, then plug it again and there you go, you'll be prompted to install the update again and the process will continue... Read more →

by shappie

Does overclocking your TouchPad significantly affect battery life?
I'm thinking about overclocking to 1.5 ghz, but wondering if the increased speed is worth the extra battery consumption. I realize that is a personal preference, so I was wondering if anyone can quantify the decrease in battery life between stock and overclocked to 1.5 ghz.

by dave

Would Samsung be a good steward for webOS?
Apparently, Samsung is considering whether or not to purchase webOS from HP in order to help it better compete against the likes of Apple. For those of you of the webOS persuasion, how do you feel about this? Would Samsung be a good company for webOS? Or is it more of the same? Via: http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20110829PD210.html

by aaron

Want to install Spotify on your HP TouchPad?
I've been hooked on Spotify since it launched in the US several weeks ago, and it turns out they have an official webOS app that's actually pretty good: https://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.palm.app.spotify
Unfortunately it hasn't been updated to work with the TouchPad, which means you can't install it from the HP App Catalog.
The good news: if you're comfortable with tweaking your TouchPad, you can manually load the app onto the device. Your TouchPad needs to be in developer mode... Read more →

by cjtylr

I just bought an ultra-cheap Touchpad. What now?
For all of you that may have been using a Touchpad for a while, I wanted some input on what are some of the best apps for the device. I know it comes with a Facebook app (something my iPad 2 doesn't... grrr), but what are some of the things you've found over the month(s) that you've really loved when it comes to the Touchpad? Any tweaks I should make to it upon arrival? Any special things you discovered about the device that you think I should know? While this question is for my own edification,... Read more →

by dave

Did webOS really ever have a chance to succeed in the mobile world?
It's sad news in the tech world today as HP kills of their tablet and smartphone development. Is this truly the end of webOS? A common meme I've seen over the past year or so with regard to webOS is that "it has a lot of potential." This is something numerous users, critics, colleagues, and even myself have said. It seemed to have a lot of legitimately great ideas, but suffered from extremely poor execution and marketing. It raises an interesting question though. Did webOS *really* ever have a... Read more →

by peter

Who should -- or even would -- buy webOS from HP?
HP's is going to discontinue development of tablets and smartphones, but it sounds like they might be willing to sell webOS to someone else. The only problem is, apart from the value in the patents (which HP might conceivably hold onto anyway), why would anyone buy it at this point? If it were cheap enough I could sort of see HTC buying it just as a hedge against Google and Microsoft, but at this point it feels like the market (and developers) have spoken, and that no matter how good webOS is or... Read more →

by peter

TouchPad owners: How are you reacting to the news?
About six weeks ago I wrote a newsletter outlining HP's options for webOS given the tepid response to the TouchPad (http://gdgt.com/discuss/can-hp-turn-around-the-to... The very first one was that they cut their losses and get out, something I thought unlikely, but apparently they've decided to go ahead and do just that. How shocked and/or pissed are all the TouchPad owners out there? I was kind of looking forward to giving the Pre 3 a test drive, guess that won't be happening now.

by skyman375

What does the Google purchase of Motorola mean for HP webOS?
If the other Android licensees no longer perceive that they will be treated fairly and openly by Google, will they explore other OS options? Everyone seems to think, yes, and they say Windows Phone 7 next, but what about webOS? I'd have to think HP's licensing terms might be better, with the imperative of growing the user base. Don't Samsung, LG, and most likely HTC, have to think about it - if for no other reason than to improve their bargaining position with Microsoft?

by mattgibstein

So I succumbed to the TouchPad discount, but I'm underwhelmed...
As the proud owner of a MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad 2, it's safe to say I love Apple products. But when people call me a fanboy, it ticks me off: I don't just like Apple products because I'm some brainwashed zombie; it's because I admire the elegance, design, breadth of apps, and focus on the user experience that their products embue. That being said, I'm always curious about the other products in the technology space... is this Android phone more likely to suit my needs? is there a better... Read more →

by spencersumner

Galaxy Tab 10.1 or TouchPad?
I am looking for a tablet for use in university. I am not really interested in the iPad2, which in my mind leaves two contenders: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the TouchPad. I know both OS are not quite up to the standards the iPad has set. I like the inductive charging, account integration, and fluid OS of the TouchPad, but it seems the Samsung may be a better choice, due to Google's agressive developement, and general nature. The hardware of the devices is really not going to be a deciding factor.