by broncochief

lenovo ideapad
My son bought a lenovo ideapad y510p. He bought it for gaming. Has had it for 2 days and cannot play on it. It shuts down on certain games or it will go black screen on certain games or when he tries to download steam. Anyone have the same problem or know what the problem is?

by midogawad

I wanna know which version to buy ?!!
In my country w only have the version with GT 750M GPU and it's about 1100$ and I'm not sure if it is the dual version or not
so the Gus at GPU boss says that the the GT 755M is better
so i can ask a friend coming from the US soon to get me the 755M with a single GPU which is about 819$ which suits my budget more
and i can add the SSD and the other 755M later when I come to more money I plan on having this pc for a long time gaming comes to me as second usage after SolidWorks and labVIEW coz i... Read more →