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  • Speed and features Very fast, very gaming-capable, and able to do any of the innumerable functions that Windows-based PCs can do. great!
  • Design and form factor Very nice-looking. Ports are all located in convenient locations, and Ultrabay swapping is a piece of cake. great!
  • Battery life The downside of 2 power-hungry GPUs is that the battery takes a hit. poor
  • Display Display is nice when calibrated, but a bit off out of the box, and isn't perfect even after calibration. Would prefer a matte finish. good
  • Durability Brushed-metal design is durable, though the plastic sections seem more susceptible to damage. good
  • Expandability Ultrabay is the future of notebook computers. A fantastic feature that lets you swap out parts and upgrade with ease. great!
  • Noise The GPU fans get going pretty good during intense gaming, but they don't get too loud, and are perfectly quiet under normal use. good
  • Portability (size / weight) A bit on the heavy side, but about as portable as any notebook this size. so-so
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