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  • Speed and features For a price of $819 that I bought this laptop at, this thing is powerful. great!
  • Design and form factor Looks amazing. Friends compliment me on my laptop all the time. great!
  • Battery life Not long at all, but this is a gaming laptop so battery life isn't supposed to be important. good
  • Display Not flawless, but great for the price and considering the other specs. good
  • Durability No comments great!
  • Expandability Can trade HDD for SSD, upgrade RAM, and change the Ultrabay. great!
  • Noise Compared to my old laptop, this thing is a ninja. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) For a gaming beast, this thing is rather light. Fits in my backpack just fine. great!
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Overall, this thing is amazing for the price tag. It can play almost any game on maxed settings and performs daily functions incredibly fast.

You can't get anything better for the price, at least not new, which is why I gave this thing a 10/10 overall.
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Thanks. I think I'll get this laptop or the Y410p.