December 30th 2013 8:23 am

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  • Speed and features Fast enough for most productivity apps...Adobe PS 4 works fine on it but I doubt it'll do well with any higher end FPS games. good
  • Design and form factor While I really love the design holding the keyboard in tablet mode feels awkward. All in all it's a great device for small areas and travels very well. good
  • Battery life Mostly satisfies although you won't want to be far from the cord. good
  • Display Capable display...nice picture when watching complaints. Actually when remote I don't need ultra HD drawing allot of bandwidth... This is fine. good
  • Durability Pretty solid weight/durability build but it is fond of fingerprints and the screen back gives just a little too much too make me slightly nervous. so-so
  • Expandability I don't think it is really expandable RAM/processor ...from a storage standpoint the 500gb hd is awesome though. poor
  • Noise Incredibly quiet; love it! great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Love it so much I had to buy another for my wife to go into her bag alongside her work laptop. great!
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Was in the market for a personal military computer for army drill. Needed to be highly portable and functionally flexible. I didn't need a speed demon as the most demanding software I'll use on it is Photoshop occasionally but I do need it to master MS Office and provide some entertainment diversion in the evenings. All in all I simply love it; the $500 price point seemed spot on... So nice I picked one up too for my wife.