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by bealtaine

Advice on buying a tablet for university
Hi All,
I'm looking for a tablet which I could use for university. I already have lenovo laptop which I love but its quite large and unwieldy, not at all suitable for commuting. I'm thinking a tablet would be a good solution but I have very little experience with tech. I've read a zillion reviews but I thought getting recommendations (or warnings!) would be more beneficial.
My price range is anything up to 250 euro although I could stretch to 300 euro for something really special. It needs to have... Read more →

by speedgeek

What's the best computer manufacturer?
A few years ago you guys had this great story about long term warranties for computer makers, and as a computer technician I've used it to make my case as to which manufacturer my clients should go with. It has been a few years and I'm sure things have changed a little. It would be great to see an update on these statistics.


by JKb94

pls suggest a mobile phone
Hello.I wanted to buy a phone within range of 15k-20k INR. and I wanted a mobile with more emphasis on camera,RAM ,processor. Pls suggest me an appropriate phone. my options were gionee elife E3,lenovo p80,nokia lumia 620 and lenovo s920. i was not entirely satisfied with an of the above so i would like ur advice on these options or any other suggestion

by andrewkalies

Any ideas for an external battery source for a ThinkPad?
So I love my ThinkPad E220s. Unfortunately, running the sandy bridge i7 at max performance really takes a hit on battery life (I can usually muster a solid 4 hours usually at highest settings). The E220s is one of the first ThinkPads to feature a non-removable battery, so I can't just purchase a bigger battery from Lenovo and swap it in like the other ThinkPad models. I've seen people use little external battery packs to keep their phones charged during the day, and I was wondering if there was... Read more →

by foxmental

Can anyone help me find a laptop with these specs?
I'm looking for a laptop. But here's what I'm looking for:
These are a must:
at least 1 USB 3.0 port but must have at least 2 usb ports
An HDMI port (In and out if possible
touch screen (possibly a convertible laptop) and a camera (for video chat. i don't plan on sing this for photography. it looks stupid)
Can't be over 14 in in width, High-Res Display.
Optical drive not necessary. looking for a thin laptop.
Core i5 or i7 cpu, max out ram at 8 GB (can't sit pretty t 4 gb or ram)
1 gb... Read more →

by kristaescobar

What is the best tablet to use for PowerPoint presentations?
[I would prefer an Android-based tablet since I'm already familiar with that platform.]

By "best tablet" I mean, which is the most reliable and intuitive device for running PowerPoint? What about connecting the tablet to a projector? Do they all have mini HDMI? Of course I wouldn't be designing the presentations on the tablet, simply running them.

Thoughts? Any help is appreciated!

by RohitK

Are There Any Decent Touchscreen Laptops Out There Yet?
I'm in the market for a new laptop after three years. Now I'm the kinda guy who doesn't mind spending a couple hundred dollars more right now to get something that seems like overkill at the present, so long as it keeps me chugging along at a decent pace for two or three years. Basically, I don't like to throw down money for a new gadget every year.
This brings me to my question: Are there any decent touchscreen laptops available these days? I ask because it's patently obvious that that's the... Read more →

by foxmental

Seeking a Windows 8 Convertible laptop! Intel based with 1280 Res.
I've been loving me test drive of windows 8. it's smoother than windows 7. But... All the features that make it really worth having are for a touch screen. I'm currently rocking a Toshiba satellite with a single core Celeron cpu. its a 15" in netbook. I love touch screens but i hate tablets. I'm looking for a convertible laptop. something like a Lenovo X220 or a dell latitude xt2 or a HP touchsmart tx2. But not as heavy as these 3. i like these because they have the power i want but unlike the... Read more →

by andrewkalies

Can I put an SSD in this?
Hey all. I just ordered a new laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220s, so I'm super excited. It's quite a small computer though (12.5"), and Lenovo gives you the option to put an SSD in it at checkout. However, I couldn't afford to do that and just got the standard 320GB HDD that came with it originally. However, I've heard of numerous people with this particular model sticking an SSD in this. Is that possible? If so, what size (dimensions and type) SSD do I need?